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Eyeglasses are something that is noticed at first when someone looks at your face. A stunning pair of shades can amplify your look instantly! And, believe it or not, but your choice of sunglasses (lens colour and frame) is a window to your personality. So,be assured that your favourite pair does stand for who you are! we design and hand craft a custom eyeglass or sunglass frame for each individual client. Our frames are sculpted to order, based on each client’s unique physical attributes and personal style. We carry over abundance of frames to match everyone's style.

Custom eyeglass frames are available now-HI Trend Luxury Eyewear. If you are looking for the ultimate expression of your individuality, personalized eyeglasses allow you to engrave a word or phrase on each temple. Think about how cool you will look with your personal mantra on your eyeglass frames. You have the opportunity to select from among nearly a thousand different frame designs like cat eye glasses. From sporty to trendy, sophisticated to playful, elegant to economical, you are in charge of your look - and now your message!

At HI Trend, we are focused on delivering the absolute best value in eyeglass frames - amazing quality combined with incredibly low prices. We founded our company on the idea that glasses that everyone should have access to the great looking frames that complement any look. We may have those pair of progressive lenses you have been looking for!

With nearly a thousand unique frame designs available today, you will have fun customizing your glasses frames. So create your custom eyeglass frames today - and enjoy the fun and freedom that comes with wearing glasses that are perfectly suited to whom you are. At HI Trend Luxury Eyewear, you'll find the perfect pair of eyeglasses - at a price that can't be beat. HI TREND LUXURY EYEWEAR will bring glamour back to the luxury eyewear market.

We customize:

  • 1.

    HI Trend Luxury Eyewear provides variety of designs , shapes, and color you can choose from. We design as per your need.you can have either simple design as well as can have pearls, diamonds, crystals, gold and silver of hawaiian islands in your sunglass and make it unique- be different from others!


    HI Trend Luxury Eyewear offers varieties of HI tech lens designs , shapes, and color you can choose from. We offer Digital lense, Progressive lenses, Bifocal, Trifocal, Photochromic, Polycarbonate, and Aspheric lenses with Anti-reflective, Blue light protection, scratch resistant, and UV protection coatings


We live in the age of customization. You can customize almost anything: your sneakers, your Twitter interface, your car, your kitchen cabinets, your own face. And yet, says British eyeglass designer Tom Davies, "almost nobody has glasses that really fit them".Therefore, HI Trend Luxury Eyewear is always there to make you look stylish and different form others.

you can choose from 3000 pairs of temples and frames in different shapes, size and color you can choose from.HI Trend has experienced professional team designers who specialzes in Jeweled luxury Eyewear such as crystal, diamonds,pearls, gold and silver.You can also choose between polarized or non-polarized.A polarized lens blocks horizontally polarized light with a polarizing film of molecules running in parallel vertical chains sandwiched between two optical lenses. We use only the very finest plastic or glass and the highest quality hardware. No other company in the world does what we do to create truly custom eyewear. Our artists focus on enhancing your look by creating the perfect frame for your face.

Our latest technology and certified professional design team to solve hard-to-fit problems and provide unparalleled precision in the fit of our bespoke eyewear. We even create a mold of your nose to assure that your custom eyewear design is a perfect fit.we design a frame based on the following:Face Size, Hair Color, Face Shape, Eye Color,Eye Shape, Personality, Nose Shape, Lifestyle, Skin Tone and Tastes

  • custom pearl sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Amazing unique pearl design that gives you sexy look

  •  custom crystal sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Custom crystal design sunglass offers stylish look for every occassion with beautifully adorned temples .

  • Diamonds gold sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Custom diamond gold sunglasses that defines you. We offer Colors range from neutral tones to eloquent bursts of rich turquoise, lavender, lemon ice and cherry red.

  • custom frames sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    customize you sunglasses or eyeglasses that fits on your face.You can design your sunglasses yourself. we even create a mold of your nose to assure that your custom eyewear design is a perfect fit.


Also, We Specialize in Prescription. HI Trend Maintains a full service lab where our certified opticians are the best in the state and work tirelessly to make you look good and see in HD. We have exclusive access to the latest technologies and apply them to all of our prescription lenses. Why settle for a small selection at your Eye Doctor's office?Come and see our incredible inventory of over 3000 frames including Chanel, and chrome hearts.We have been in Waikiki over 30 years and have been Hawaii's best kept secret for exclusive eyewear.

You can choose and order any kind of frames,glasses and choose designs.HI Trend is working with Optometrists and Opticians to provide stylish custom-built frames guaranteed to fit each unique face.See the difference immediately when you walk in.