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wood and gold eyepieces sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii
Gold and Wood : Luxury Eyewear in Noble Materials

HI Trend Luxury Eyewear is the ONLY eyewear boutique in the Hawaiian Islands that carries luxury exclusive handicrafted eyewear. Our aim is to provide you with the best luxury experience possible. If you are looking for exceptional materials, handicrafted, gold and wood, buffalo horn.

Gold and wood Eyepieces is known for their noble materials in their raw form: the Wood and the Buffalo Horn transformed by the craftmanship into Eyepeices. By taking the time to hand craft the world's most elegant Eyepieces, made from the most exquisite natural materials, Gold & Wood strives to bring its owner back in touch with the magical world that surrounds us.

At GOLD & WOOD workshops, passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Because Gold & Wood is handmade, it takes three days to craft a pair of temples of such remarkable quality. Taking the time to do it well: There lies the expression of the luxury. Gold and Wood is eyeglasses rare as they are unique as luxury eyeglasses can be. Over the past few years, the artisans and designers at Gold & Wood creating ever-more successful models, slowly forging a different, exclusive and authentic collection. Their discreet and stylish looks, as well as the quality and nobility of the material used in Gold & Wood frames, give them their uniqueness. Such workmanship is guaranteed to excite the enthusiasm of buyers, connoisseurs and collectors everywhere. Gold & Wood frames are constructed of buffalo horn and/or exotic wood.

Innovation and technology

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    Swiss Origin and handcrafted production offers watch-like precision and accuracy. It guarantees unmatched ergonomy and comfort

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    The new wooden Gold and wood Eyepieces are equiped with the exclusive Wood lock system, facilitating mounting and unmounting of eyglasses.

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    Each frame is verified and approved by an experienced quality controller. A two year gaurantee applies to all our frames under regular conditon of use.

Selection of Exceptional Materials

wood and gold eyepieces sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii

Gold and wood Eyepieces make exclusive collection of designer frames, ranging from rimless eyeglasses to stylish sunglasses. If you have a hankering for some diamonds between your eyes, check out out the jewel collection, which features the precious stone along the bridge of the frame or the end piece. The Collection of frames to feast our eyes on, one of distinction, beauty, and comfort. In an age of mass-production and robatic assembly lines it's nice to find a well designed, gently handcrafted, and three-days-in-the-making product

Gold & Wood has found a way to bring it back to basics, using rare sustainable materials found all over the globe, including fine wood, gold, buffalo horn, and even diamonds to produce light-weight, unique, and durable frames. And if you are the type of person with a deep appreciation for exotic woods, you will get to choose between a plethora of options from black and tanganika wood to ebony and mahogany.

Precious, rare and exotic woods

wood and gold eyepieces sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii

Taken from authorized and supervised plantations. Systematic reforestation is in effect and the wood's traceability is guaranted by an independent certification agency.

Rarity explains the often high price of many of these fine woods. They have fine graining and are harder than regular woods, with an exceptional natural aesthetic character. Wood as a living material, gives each creation a unique value: in fact, the color of your frame varies slightly over time, the graining of the same wood differs from one part to another. Therefore, no frame will ever be strictly similar to the other.

Genuine Buffalo Horn

wood and gold eyepieces sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii

Taken from domesticated animals in Africa and India, no mutilation or curelty in obtaining the horn. Selection of Exceptional Materials. Horn frames are soft, natural, and vivid, possessing a depth which only comes from a natural material. Each frame has its own color, tone, pattern and is completely unique. Colors are rich and vary from amber to browns to shades of gray and black with both translucent and opaque colors. The materials are environmentally sound, completely hypo-allergenic and light and comfortable to wear.

Treatment of the Precious metal metal Parts

wood and gold eyepieces sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii

up to 5 micorns of Gold, Ruthenium or Palladium are elctroplated on all titanium Aluminium or surgical stainless Steel components. Colour varnishing guarantees a very high reisitance.

exclusive Hadndicrafted production

Working with the Horn

More than 30 production steps and one hour and 30 minuites of manual shaping are necessary for the frame craftsman to manfacture a single pair of genuine horn spatuale temples. The buffalo heron is a natural product, its color and and pattern is rarely uniform. Each model has a unique and exceptional character.

Working with the wood

Nearly 20 production steps are needed to produce a wood temple. The temples are created by laminating several sheets of wood with natural and hypoallergenic resin.