Selecting Sunglasses for Golf!

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why sunglasses are necessary while playing Golf?

Sunglasses may be great fashion accessories but more importantly sunglasses are of extreme importance when it comes to maintaining good eye health. Sunglasses keeps all the untralviolet rays from getting into eyes, into the lids and the skin around them. Dr. Paul Finger, Director of Ocular Oncology at the New York Eye Center said wearing sunglasses on and off the course is an easy preventive measure against eye diseases and eye cancer. from the comfort sandpoint some people are sensitive to brightness and glare. By cutting down the brightness and glare , people will perform and be more comfortable. while playing Golf, your vision is the most important assest next to your putter.Golf sunglasses are specially designed to protect your eyes, ehance vision, feel confortable all day long, be durable enough to withstand the rigorous day in any kind of weather. With the right pair of sunglasess you will be able to see the golf ball, protect your eyes form UV rays and look stylish! .

we recomend:

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    Created on the Hawaiian Islands to make the colors shine, Maui Jim sunglasses newest feature patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology are specially made for golf courses.

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    In GOlfing, the sun is even brighter because of the sheer amount of greens on the course. Oakley is an iconic brand in terms of sport sunglasses. The Oakley jacket XLJ golf sunglasses are specially made for the use of the golf course. They have special G30 golf lenses.

    Oakley golf sunglasses

Selecting appropriate eye glass lenses and frames for Golfing

Golfing glasses should feature large, wrap lenses and an appropriately curved frame. Only these lenses satisfy the needs of your eyes when you are playing golf, and provide with full UV protection. There are a lot of glasses on the market that have been specially designed for golfers. However, they have not been adapted to the needs of every individual wearer.Perfect vision can only be achieved if the lenses have been tailored to the personal vision needs of each and every golfer. The lighter the frame the better: Modern materials for eyeglass frames such as titanium is a prime example that allows the production of extremely light glasses. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also ensure a better all-round fit as lighter frames tend to slip less down your nose than heavier frames. Semi-rimless frames with large lenses are ideal as they maximize your field of view. Small lenses are not suitable as they allow you to look over the top of your lenses. Golfers have to move their eyes constantly and rapidly from the sky to the green. This also means constant head movements, leading to fatigue and to the resulting consequences on your performance.

Tip for the tint: Light to dark purple or yellow-orange tints have proven to be the best solution for enhancing contrast on green surfaces. These not only improve visual comfort, but also have a practical effect: depth perception is optimized and the contours of the green are clearer. You can better identify breaks on the green and therefore also better assess the ball trajectory.

integrated polarization filter is indispensable for golfing glasses. The lens coating effectively eliminates most of the distracting reflections and glare that can result when the sun is reflected off surfaces.

Antireflective coatings provide golfers with additional clarity: in combination with a polarization filter, they ensure maximum clarity and unimpaired vision. They also make your golfing glasses look better: they prevent the "window pane effect" and enhance the visibility of your eyes. Another benefit is it's hard coatings to protect against scratching, or anti-static and dirt-repellent coatings are also useful. Another major benefit is you don't need to clean your glasses as often!

  •  Maui Jim golf sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    A neutral all-purpose color that reduces glare, provides good contrast and no color distortion. Ideal for golfing as well as casual purpose.

  •   Costa  golf sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Increases contrast in most light conditions. In addition to bright sun, amber offers excellent light management properties on sunny, cloudy or rainy days, and filters high-frequency near-UV light. Good for general purpose, high contrast light situations.

  • Oakley golf sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Heightens visual acuity and enhances color (especially with objects against a blue or green background). Delivers brightest field of vision and is applicable for sight golfing .

  • TAG HEUER sunglasses Honolulu Hawaii

    Offers enhanced visual acuity for specific light situations such as while playing golfing but also is worn for everyday use.


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Getting a good fit

Sunglasses should fit the wearer's face, not only to look good, but so the optical center of the lenses roughly matches the wearer's center of focus to minimize distortion. The three basic measurements for sunglasses are lens size, temple length, and overall width. Glasses should fit snugly without pinching. Weight can also be a factor in correct fit; glasses that are too heavy on the nose can cause headaches.

Lens shape

Optically speaking, the flatter the lens, the less distortion. Curved lenses refract, or bend and the light rays as they pass through, so light doesn't enter your eye in a straight line. Your eyes are forced to work overtime and correct the visual information, which may cause eye fatigue and headaches. This distortion can be eliminated with corrected prismatics; check the label for distortion-free before purchasing curved sunglasses. Lenses of good sunglasses are complex, and are constructed from several layers. The lens inside has an antireflective coating to reduce "bounce-back" sun rays inside the lens.


The best materials for golfing sunglass frames are lightweight, flexible, durable materials such as nylon, propionate or acetate (also called zyl). Metal frames may be stylish, but they may slip form you face when you are playing golf.

Frame hardware is made with either strong, maintenance-free pressed-in pin hinges, or with spring hinges for a snug, comfortable fit. Frame hardware should be corrosion-proof.

Wire core sunglasses have heavy wire embedded in the temples and earpieces for maximum adjustability and shaping to achieve a custom fit.