Maui Jim Optical collection exclusive at HI Trend luxury Eyewear

mauijim eyeglasses, optical, prescription frames,sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii
HI Trend is the ONLY account Chosen to release the Mauijim Eyeglass Line in Hawaii

Another successful achievement by HI Trend Luxury Eyewear was chosen to be the ONLY account in the island to release the eyeglass line of MAUI JIM making HI Trend, the Largest Mauijim eyeglasses dealer in the Pacific! HI Trend is Incredibly excited to be chosen as the ONLY dealer in Hawaii to host the Mauijim eyewear collection. You will NOT be able to find these in any Sunglass Hut or Department store on the island. Come and experience what true luxury eyewear is all about-ONLY at HI Trend in the Hilton Hawaiian Village!

Hi Trend has direct access to the Mauijim Laboratory.Also, As a Mauijim Authorized Prescription Dealer, you can be sure that we will order for you Authentic Mauijim Prescription lenses directly from the Mauijim Factory.Therefore, you can get lenses that provides incredible visual acuity across the entire lens, Combined with the remarkable clarity and color enhancement.

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Slip on a pair of Maui Jims

 Focus towards creating optical lenses and frames sophisticated in their engineering advancements

Maui Jim: Innovation in Lenses

mauijim eyeglasses optical, Chrome Hearts, TAG HEUER sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii
Prescription Maui Passport office Lenses

For the fist time in the office lens, the power variation is individually controlled for a smother trasition in the most frequently used area of the lens.Extra wide, stable and cosistent intermediate and near visual fields. Better visual quality, comfort, and exgonomics screens (desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones). Automatic corridor length selection MFH from 14 to 18 in order to get best fitting for any frame.

Customers experience an unbeatable level of visual commfort while maintaining recommended postural ergonomics. Maui Passport office lens maintains optimal ergonomic postural behavior while working with working all types of electronic devices at different distances

Blue light lense design for today's active person

Blue-violet light has the potential to cause damage, especially to our eyes. Blue-violet light may have less energy than ultraviolet light, but in contrast to UV light-most of which is absorbed by the front part of the eye-blue light reaches as far as the retina.Sources of blue light include the sun, digital screens (TVs, computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets), electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lighting.

Now, it is possible to get clear lenses with a blue light filter. Eyeglass lenses with a blue light filter can create more comfortable vision. Maui Jim has always been crafting optical lenses and frames as shopisticted in their engineering advancement. Maui Jim state-of-art, precision robotic, fully automated facility ensures that each lens that Maui Jim delivers optical excellence.

proprietary Technology in every Pair

Maui Jim invest more on their lenses. Mauijim glasses are for those who value a good quality of life and the utmost eye protection. Their classic styles and high-tech lens give their lenses a sort of "functional elegance" that makes them desirable and fashionable.Maui Jim's clear optical lens materials options will have indexes of 1.52(trilogy), 1.6, 1.67. All Maui Jim opticla lenses produce d in Maui Jim's laboratory include hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV, anti reflective clearshell hard coat and satin edge treatment for superior performance and durablity.

Frames & Materials

  • 1.

    The thin injection Nylon styles are impeccably designed and engineered to sit lightly but firmly to withstand daily stresses and to confidently survive shifting trends.

  • 2.

    Inspired by the ancient hawaiian craft of Kapa making. Maui Jim designed delicate pattern of kapa designes in the temples of the new kapa collection frames

  • 3.

    designed by advanced construction techniques, lightest and most comfortable materials : Nylon front with beta titanium temples, grilamid front with thin meta temples,acetate front metal titanium temples, stainless punchout with memory metals

  • 4.

    disc hings are all constructed by hand to ensure precision mounting and seamless consumer experience. Available in 10 shapes, 11 colors and 3 temples lengths

  • 5.

    Maui Jim offers clips Ons on Compatible styles. Maui Jim Clips Ons will enable patients to easily transition between indoor and outdoor activites, sun protection, glare reduction, & color enhancing benefits of polarized plus 2 lenses.

Service & Care

mauijim eyeglasses, optical, prescription frames,sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii

Warranted to the original purchaser for two years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship. Nose pads and temples are free as long as the parts are available.Lenses are scratch warranty for two years. If anything happens then You can bringyour Maui Jim Eyeglasses to HI-Trend @ Hilton Hawaiian Village, the only Honolulu, Oahu, Authorized Repair Center, we will take care of it.

Maui Jim Backed up warranty and customer Service

you can also directly Log in to their customer service website and fill up the form and they will take care of it.

Comprehensive Eye Exam:ONLY At HI TREND

mauijim eyeglasses, optical, prescription frames,sunglasses eyeglasses Honolulu Hawaii
Get Your lenses 5X more Precision

Eyes is the important part of our life and are unique, no two eyes in the world are ever the same. Therefore, HI Trend uses latest technology and experienced Optician and provides most sophisticated level of optical technology.As you all know that Mauijim are best know for their advanced technology for their lenses.Mauijim will provide you perfect fit lense and eyeglass frame, maximum color clarity & detail, relief from eye strain, ideal for all day wear. So why compromise on your eye health if we are providing you with advanced technology of lenses.

Now, no need to worry whether it is single vison or progressive lenses, HI Trend personalized lenses that meets your needs. Our optician takes all the standard eye measurements with greater accuracy such as pupil distance and bifocal placement that cannot be done by hand to create perfect high defination eyglasses. HI Trend makes sure that you will get your personalized lenses so that visual areas of your lenses are in their optimal position in relation to your eyes when you wear your spectacles, so you'll have high resolution vision that is instant and effortless. Not only for the eyseglasses but also uses special magnifying lens that provides a clear view of important tissues at the back of the eye, including the retina, the macula, and the optic nerve.