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Reuse the old Glasses into the new Retro style!

Glasses are certainly expensive, and while some cheaper eyeglass are out there, sometimes you need to just get a little more life out the pair you already have and love.We know that the vintage eyewear you have is gifted by yourloved ones is precious and close to your Heart.You do not want a new pair of glasses but want to restore and use it. Thankfully, it is not that hard to do, and it doesn't take much money to breathe new life into an old pair of glasses.what you all need to do is take your glasses to HI Trend Luxury Eyewear.

Also, many people are re-purchasing/ purchasing vintage and retro eyewear today not just because of cost and eyewear fashion trends.Today,many people are more concerned about environment and eco friendly materials.The best part about vintage eyewear:it is the most eco-friendly thing a person can do, reuse the old into the new!

MOreover,if you want to feel different than others, want to change Fashion of eyewear or looking for the ultimate expression of your individuality,then your retro eyeglasses will allow you to engrave a word or phrase on each temple. Think about how cool you will look with your vintage eyeglass frames. You have the opportunity to select from among nearly a thousand different frame designs like cat eye glasses, from sporty to trendy, sophisticated to playful, elegant to economical, you're in charge of your look and now your message of your personality!

Furthermore,The demand for vintage eyewear shows that everything old is new again.Vintage sunglasses come in stylish frames for both men and women, representing the fashion trends of the 90s,80s and 60s that are now becoming more popular than ever before. Vintage-style glasses are the hottest trend in eyewear. Fashionists are eagerly reviving the beloved eyeglass varieties of the past and restoring them to their rightful place on everyones face. Going for a bike ride? You will look so cool in a pair of 60s-style browline glasses. Planning a steampunk party? Go with eyeglasses featuring mixed materials that suggest the round, brass and wood styles of the late 19th-century.vintage frames offer the wearer a unique style and a piece of history.

HI Trend Luxury Eyewear specializes in vintage eyewear from 1870 to 1970 and restores'former beauty and design'to vintage fashion eyewear.If you have glasses from 1950s, 60s and 70s you can restore it only in HI Trend Luxury Eyewear. Any vintage frame from the highly ornate and delicate rimmed frames of the seventies can be repaired like break in the frame, hinge assembly or nose pad stalks.These repairs are followed by expert color matching of original enamels, gold and silverplating of surfaces and the replacement of nose pads, screw, and any other non-lens components.

We recommend:

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    Vintage Eyeglasses have been made in many shapes, colors, and styles across the years, as the tides of fashion change, and manufacturing techniques evolve. Vintage eyeglasses do not look like those sold today, and the further back in time you go, the more distinct vintage eyeglasses look from contemporary designs. Whether you are looking for a fun and funky set of cat eye glasses from the 60s,80s or 90s HI Trend Luxury present a great opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and express your individuality.

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    HI Trend Luxury Eyewear can weld together or replace nose bridges, even titanium and flexible metal bridges.We can fix, overhaul and even replace your lenses of your glasses for a fraction of the price of a new pair.

Our mission

Our mission is to preserve the revolutionary designs and unparalleled quality of early and late modern eyewear manufactured from the 1890s-1980s.Our clients will find something unique and precious registered historic eyewear fabricated and restored by exacting old world standards. Today, HI Trend has highly skilled in the lost arts of frame shaping, precision lens drill mounting and frame polishing, produce, distribute and restore over 3000 early and late modern 20th century eyeglass frames each year.


Designer, vintage, or reading glasses, if you love them, they deserve a second chance. HI Trend Luxury Eyewear repairs both eyeglasses and sunglasses.We restore and repair designer brands like, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Oakley, Prada, Ray Ban,Cartier & Tom Ford, and more. The first thing to go wrong with most glasses is when they start to stretch out, get bent, or somehow just stop fitting on your face all that well. Even an expensive pair is bound to get out of shape eventually.We repair most eyeglass problems including those with titanium eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses, and vintage materials as well as those with other special or precious metal eyeglass frames. All frames and lenses can be repaired or replaced with a new frame of an equal or better craftsmanship.

We fix all glasses and sunglasses.We are the largest authorized dealer with most of the Luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses brands such as Rayban,Gucci, Oakley, Mauigim, Cartier, Chrome Hearts and many more.We have a great deal of experience with the modern models as well as vintage and retro models including other luxury sunglasses manufacturers such as Prada, Oakley, Gucci,Chrome Hearts, Chanel, Cartier, TAGHeuer and replace it with genuine and original parts.


Our master technicians have seen just about every way eyeglasses can break and have modified countless glasses toaccommodate special needs and desires.We are considered experts; our focus is repairing, modifying and making eyewear.We also continuously research and develop tools, equipment and techniques, always striving to improve the process and experience for our customers with their eyeglass repair needs.